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Kennel Powerun’s history starts from 2009. Both of us have had sled dogs long before that, first Siberian huskies and nowadays our kennel is consisting mostly of Alaskan huskies. Riku has a long history on racing first with the Siberian huskies (mid distance), then with sprint dogs (eurohounds) and today he is racing in long distance races, often in 8-dogs class, the distances being 200 – 600 km per race. 18 of our best dogs are in the racing team to be trained and prepared for the long distances.

Sanna has a history as well with Siberian huskies, and normally racing in a 6-dogs class in mid distance races. This gives a good chance to take the young dogs into their first race and get to know the race routines and know how to travel.

Our Dogs - Our Ideology

Animal welfare consists of many things in which we invest money, time and expertise.

With the money we can secure the best possible living environment for the dogs, which are the living conditions of the kennel. A safe and stress-free environment can be guaranteed for every dog. All dog houses in our kennel are warmly insulated and equipped with electric heating for those who need them. Quality food, water, regular veterinary checks, deworming and vaccinations. Safe equipment for training and transporting dogs. For this reason, the pricing of safaris is also on the premium side, so that we are prepared to guarantee the best possible living conditions for our beloved dogs.

Time spent with dogs is more valuable than money and we give them everything we have. Every single day we spend several hours with our dogs – not only when training or on a safari, but everyday life includes individual attention. Every second spent in the orchard, free running or on forest walks with our puppies, is invaluable. During this time, trust is built between dogs and humans. This trust ensures that our canine companions also give us everything in competitions as well as on safaris – trusting us that we will never demand from them what they are not ready for. Trust bonding with our dogs is one of our highest priorities, something we’ve taken to heart. It’s rewarding to get feedback from customers where they will also notice this concretely when visiting on our safaris and spending time with our dogs.

With knowledge and experience, we are able to react to things and situations quickly and prevent any sudden accidents.

Dedication to dog nutrition and training is our passion and one of the keys to our success in racing and in our work. With competent and high-quality training, we are able to guarantee the best conditions for dogs to perform during the competition and safari seasons. The basic training of the dogs starts in stages already in the summer. In the autumn, the actual aerobic exercise is done by pulling the ATV and this takes 4 months before the season begins. A lot of work is done before the client arrives and this ensures that every dog can fully enjoy the work it was born to do – sledding!

Educational work is a lifelong human project that requires careful consideration, experience and knowledge. Decisions made at this point will show years or decades of good and bad.

We started a hobby and breeding with Siberian huskies. The Siberian Husky was originally bred for sledding, its arctic survivability and the ability to pull heavy loads over long distances is great. But the Siberian Husky has also lost a lot of the sled dog-specific qualities (like hard work ethic). That’s why we set out to change the dog type years ago and the first Alaskan husky arrived at the house in 2009.

Why did we switch from Siberian Husky to Alaskan Husky?

In a nutshell – The Alaskan Husky is not an official breed administered by any organization that gives definitions especially to appearance. The Alaskan Husky has been bred into a sled dog for decades. Breeding work has focused only on sled dog characteristics. The ability and desire to run hard, perseverance, health, appetite, coat, and character have been the most important breeding criteria for people who have bred Alaskan Huskies for sled dog races. Appearance considerations have not played a major role, which is why Alaskan Huskies, when properly trained, are more powerful sled dogs than Siberian Huskies.

The hobby and with it the competition activity has always been our passion and that is why we ended up as Alaskan Huskies.

The third type of sled dog is the so-called sprint dog (eurohound). Which is also an Alaskan husky bred according to the same criteria, but in the breeding has crossed e.g. an Alaskan husky, a pointer, a German shorthaired pointer, and long ago also a greyhound. The goal has been to breed a dog that has a high oxygen uptake capacity as well as musculature and is able to run shorter distances at a much higher average speed.

The first crossbreed litter was born in our kennel in 2011 and we invested in sprint races for several years. These years taught us the most during our sled dog history. We learn to understand a lot about the training, metabolism, and nutrition of a performing dog.

Over the years of sprinting, interest in self-challenging and long-distance racing has grown steadily. The breeding of the Alaskan Husky and the long-distance dog became more and more interesting, and we decided to start breeding a slightly different type of long-distance dog that at that time (2013) the majority of the hobby community had. We wanted to combine good qualities of sprint top individuals as well as long distance Alaskan huskies. This litter gave birth to a few top individuals who got just these desirable traits and have won numerous long distance races so far. Crossbreeding between two different dog types is always a “risk” but both parents had a solid knowledge of the background and inherited health information and the risk proved to be worthwhile. Since then, the dog type has been turned more in the direction of a long-distance sled dog with breeding choices, and there are already several generations in the kennel and it can be said that we have succeeded in the current goals. Now, after a few generations, the dog type is starting to look like what we set out to pursue. Individuals with good performance and, above all, healthy and even individuals. Those with a good appetite, social and leadership qualities who have the ability to maintain high speeds over longer distances when needed.

Breeding work continues with the goal of getting even better sled dogs into the world. Here is one reason why on our safaris the dogs run and don’t walk!

Powerun Adventures

Riku - Master of Alaskan Huskies

Riku’s lifestyle with dogs started from the day he was born. He’s had many dogs during his life, and he has been training them his whole life. Riku shares common language with the dogs, which makes him understand the dog like some sort of a dog whisperer.

When it comes to dogs, he keeps improving his skills with dogs. It is not only passion for educating and training, but he also upkeeps actual data of the dogs – their nutrition, diets, science around them, well-being and behavior. All of these combined, they are left with healthy, energetic and kind-behaving dogs who love to be with people.
Riku started racing with the dogs when he was minor, back in 1999. Before he focused only on Alaskan huskies, he used to compete with Scandinavian hound and Siberian huskies as well.

Biggest achievement for him obviously is the way of living he shares with Sanna and dogs, but on paper over the years they have been 5 times Finnish Championship winner, silver and bronze medals in World Championships in 2007 / 2011, several European and Scandinavian championship medals, Lapland Quest -event winner in 2019 and Gold Rush Run champion in 2019. And for him the greatest award is indeed the “Best dog care award” from the official vets.

Powerun Adventures

Sanna - The Heart of Everything

Sanna has an abundance of experience with dogs, guiding, hospitality and racing. She has been working with guests over 20 years, and knows all the ingredients needed for an unforgettable sledding experience. She shares all the knowledge of dogs with Riku, which makes them the perfect power couple.

Sanna started racing with dogs also in 1999, and originally she raced with Siberian huskies. Later on, she went for Alaskan huskies, and races mainly in MD6 class.

Her passion is trekking in the forest with dogs, where she gathers her calmness and strength. But her interest is not limited to dogs – She is very attracted to horses as well.

She carries various skills along with her, all the way from hospitality to educating the dogs. Her speciality is socializing the puppies and young-aged huskies, who are the hardest ones to get levelled with mentally.

Her biggest achievement is shared life and lifestyle with family. She has received also many titles and awards from races, for example Scandinavian open Championships bronze 2015, Gold Rush Run since 2016, and on top three several times and “Best dog care” in 2018.


UkkoHalla-Paljakka ajot 2020 LDL 200km
1st place / Riku

UkkoHalla-Paljakka ajot 2020 MD8
3rd place / Sanna

Finnmarkslopet 2020 FL600
19/53 / Riku

Gold Rush Run 2019
“Best Dog Care award” / Riku 

Gold Rush Run (Finnish champion) LDU 330km
1st place /Riku

Gold Rush Run MD6 2019
4th place / Sanna

Eastpoint Open (Finnish champion) LDL 2019 300km
1st place / Riku

Lapland Quest 2019
“Best dog care award” / Riku

Lapland Quest 2019 LDL 200km
1st place / Riku

Lapland Quest 2019 MD6
4th place / Sanna

Jämi-MD DRU (dry land race) 2018
1st place / Riku

Eastpoint Open (Finnish champion) LD8 2018 185 km
1st Place / Riku


Gold Rush Run 2018 MD8
1st place / Riku

Gold Rush run 2018 MD6
3rd place / Sanna

Gold Rush run 2018
“Best dog care” / Sanna

UkkoHalla-Paljakka ajot 2018 MD4
1st place / Sanna

Gold Rush Run 2017 MD6
2nd place / Sanna

Gold Rush Run 2016 LDU 255 km
3rd place / Riku

TobaccoTrail 2016 LD8
2nd place / Riku

Scandinavian open Championship 2015 SP8
2nd place / Riku

Scandinavian open Championship 2015 MD6
3rd place / Sanna

European Championship 2014 SP8
2nd place / Riku

World championship 2011
(Hamar / Norway ) SP8-RNB
3rd place / Riku

World championship 2007
(Åsarna, Sweden) MD4

2nd place / Riku

Over the years Riku has got 10 finnish championship medals.

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